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DIA CorporateBanners and formats

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DIA Market

This is the company’s neighbourhood store model and its attempt to get as close as possible to shoppers, bringing them a wide range of products and an unbeatable quality-price trade-off.

DIA Market stores have a floor area of 400 – 700m2 and are readily adaptable to local requirements.

These stores’ attention to perishables sets them apart. They are the ideal stores for your everyday shopping!

City DIA

Stores that are used for the franchise format in China, and for certain agreements to transfer brands to third parties on other markets.

DIA Maxi

This is DIA’s largest store format, with a floor area of up to 1,000m2 and customer parking lots. Size requirements mean that these stores are usually located on city outskirts.

At DIA Maxi stores consumers can shop for a huge variety of private label and Spanish branded products (around 3,500 SKUs).

La Plaza de DIA

La Plaza de DIA represents the concept of a traditional nearby family supermarket in which customers can complete the needs of their daily shopping with a wide range of products, with special importance given to fresh produce. This store provides daily solutions for consumers with a wide range which exceeds 5,000 product lines.

Max Descuento

This store, Max Descuento, specialises in providing services to professionals and self-employed workers in the hotel, catering and food industry and to groups, with a range of over 4,000 product lines with formats which are suitable for the uses of this channel. The service is supplemented by a telephone sales service, orders by email and distribution to customers through a transport network which optimises the processing time of our customers.


Clarel is a new store concept. The goal is to become the benchmark neighbourhood store for shoppers looking to buy health, beauty, household and personal care items. Clarel stores will retail around 6,000 SKUs.

Clarel is the fruit of the acquisition of the Schlecker stores in Spain and Portugal. These stores are in the process of being refurbished and rebranded. The Clarel store image is more modern and more neighbourhood in feel.

El Árbol

The store of El Árbol fall within the concept of proximity and closeness to the customer. With a network of over 400 stores, El Árbol has a strong presence in the regions of Castilla y León, Aragón, Asturias and Galicia. The stores are characterised by their specialisation in fresh products and assisted sales in meat, cold meats and fish.

Cada DIA

This retail format targets smaller towns, particularly in rural areas. Under this formula, franchise holders can offer DIA products without having to transform their stores into full-blown DIA stores.

It is your lifelong small-town store managed by a local shop-owner.


DIA operates under the Minipreço brand in Portugal. There are Minipreço stores in town and city centres and larger Minipreço stores in city outskirts.

DIA’s private-label products are on sale across the Minipreço store network.

Mais PertoMais Perto

This is DIA’s most rural store concept in Portugal and is equivalent to the Cada Dia store in Spain. These establishments are located in small towns and are all managed by the regional franchise operators.

This translates into a greater connection with the customer.

DIA store footprint 







TOTAL DIA STORES 2,462 / 3,639 6,101 2,610 / 3,547 6,157
Spain 1,473 / 2,024 3,497 1,603 / 1,871 3,474
Portugal 262 / 297 559 223 / 309 532
Argentina 303 / 627 872 298 / 681 979
Brazil 424 / 691 1,050 486 / 686 1,172

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