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DIA works with 4,687 suppliers worldwide. These stakeholders play a crucial role in the company’s proposition of offering unbeatable value for money. Purchases from name brand suppliers exceeded €4.5 billion and purchases from private-label brand suppliers, meanwhile, topped €3.3 billion. The mix between name brand and private label brands was 57% vs. 53%, respectively.

Format innovation coupled with product diversification created new business opportunities for suppliers.

DIA selects its suppliers using criteria related to their competence, product quality and buying terms and conditions. During the latter stages of supplier selection for private-label products, candidates must pass a rigorous upfront certification audit, designed to guarantee food safety at every factory in which DIA products will be made. The audits, to which all private-label suppliers are subjected, are carried out using in-house or widely recognised standards such as the IFS and BRC food quality and safety standards.

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