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DIA employs 46,600 people in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. DIA’s workforce is diverse and multi-cultural; it is nurtured by local talent in all of its operating markets. The company believes in nurturing its in-house talent, to which end it provides the tools and training its teams need to develop their careers satisfactorily, in-line with the company’s values.

Some 70% of DIA’s employees work in Europe, 30% in Latin America. Seventy-four per cent work in the group’s stores, 13% in warehouses and 13% in its offices. Aware that job quality and stability better aligns the company’s teams with its objectives, DIA is strategically committed to job stability: at year-end 2017, 90% of the workforce was employed under permanent contracts.

The DIA Group is firmly committed to the provision of equal opportunities in the workplace. Female employees account for 64% of the total headcount and 36% of management positions at the group level; this percentage rises to above 44% in Spain.

he company has a 2017-2020 Human Resources Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors. This Plan is based on three main pillars: Customer focus:

  • Provide continuity and support the initiatives started in recent years to increase employees’ focus on customers, which is one of the DIA Group’s basic strategic pillars.
  • Digital transformation: Promote the necessary organisational and cultural changes to digitally transform the organisation.
  • Employee focus: Work on employee satisfaction in the context of the “100% love my job” project, which includes a series of actions focused on employees, aiming to achieve a higher degree of employee commitment to the project.

Workforce by workplace

Year-end workforce (31th december)

Workforce of the DIA Group by december 2017: 42,613

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