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With its profitable and sustainable growth model, DIA creates value for its shareholders and generates wealth for its other stakeholders.

In 2017, it contributed to progress in its business markets by creating jobs, paying taxes, associating with local business owners, purchasing from local suppliers and collaborating with different community work initiatives.

Economic value generated, distributed and retained
  31/12/2016 (*) 31/12/2017
Economic value generated 8,807,204 8,781,328
Net business turnover 8,669,257 8,620,550
Other income (**) 126,198 155,660
Finance income 11,656 4,830
Income from companies using the equity method 93 288
Economic value distributed 8,505,284 8,511,742
Goods and other consumables 6,767,370 6,808,596
Personnel expenses 833,643 808,943
Operating expenses 633,513 645,071
Losses on disposal of fixed assets (**) 10,811 17,728
Financial expenses 62,293 65,868
Tax on profits 69,119 55,350
Dividends (***) 128,535 110,186
Economic value retained 301,920 269,586

(*) With the China activities re-expressed as interrupted.

(**) Re-expressed by the profits obtained from the sale of buildings to third parties.

(***) As of 31 December 2017, the dividends correspond to the proposed distribution of the fiscal 2017 results which will be presented for approval, while the dividends as of 31 December 2016 correspond to those paid in fiscal 2017 against the results from the previous fiscal year.

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