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DIA CorporateEnergy savings

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Efficient use of energy resources is one of the cornerstones of DIA’s sustainable growth model as this helps reduce its environmental impact and cut costs. In 2015, the company reduced electricity consumption per square metre across all its markets by 6.06%, compared to a year-or-year reduction of 2.41% in 2014.

 In Spain, with the aim of continuing to hone its energy efficiency, the traditional lighting in place in more than 360 El Árbol stores and another 30 cash & carry stores was switched to LED technology. This entailed the installation of over 96,000 LED tubes in these stores, delivering the attendant reduction in consumption. These two projects entailed investment of almost €8 million.

In the offices within the Chinese warehouses, 288 bulbs were upgraded to LED technology, driving savings of 1,452 kWh/month. The implementation of new efficiency measures at the logistics centre was rounded out with the fine-tuning of the compressor control and repair system, delivering year-end savings of 9.3%.

Use of clean energy

The electricity consumed by 70% of DIA’s store network comes exclusively from renewable sources, as certified by its power supplier, E.On. DIA’s headquarters in Madrid (Spain) provides good example of the company’s commitment to using clean and renewable sources of power as these offices are located in a building that has obtained LEED Gold Core & Shell certification.

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