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DIA CorporateEnergy efficiency and sustainability

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DIA works hard to reduce its environmental impact by continually fine-tuning all of its processes. Its efforts on the energy savings front are particularly noteworthy, as are the plethora of initiatives undertaken to enhance its logistics management, which are translating into significant savings in fuel consumption, a reduction in truck journeys, more efficient use of goods, etc.

The company’s Madrid headquarters is located in a building which has been awarded LEED Gold certification.

Cornerstones of DIA’s environmental pledge

  • Lower energy usage
  • Lower consumption of plastic bags
  • Innovative product packaging
  • Minimisation of DIA’s environmental footprint

DIA and its people are aware that small gestures can make a big difference. Protection of the environment and the responsible use of the advantages it brings are intrinsic aspects of the company’s everyday management.

This policy has resulted in an €10 million investment by the company in the purchase of 320,000 LED tubes for use in all its stores in Spain and Portugal. This project will reduce the Group’s carbon emissions by 20,800 tonnes and will be extended to France and Brazil in the future.

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