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DIA CorporateCarbon footprint

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The DIA Group’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has prompted it to work in recent years on a range of initiatives for paring back its emissions, including the development an in-house tool designed to enable it to calculate the carbon footprint of its facilities and activities in all its geographic markets and business operations.

In 2015, DIA took the step of publicly sharing information on its greenhouse gas emissions and the measures taken to mitigate them by responding to the CDP-Climate Change questionnaire. The CDP is an independent non-profit organisation; it boasts the world’s largest database of corporate information on climate change and encompasses over 800 socially-responsible investors with €90 billion of assets under management globally.

The DIA Group was given the Best Newcomer Award Spain 2015 by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) having achieved the highest score among all the companies to have joined the CDP index, which specialises in measuring the strategy and initiatives undertaken by large companies on the sustainability and climate change front, in 2015.

Calculation methodology for greenhouse gas emissions

Independent limited assurance report on the greenhouse gas emission inventory 2017

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