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DIA CorporateHistory

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DIA Client Strategy, Digitalization and Agreements with Third Parties


In an enhancement to DIA’s strategy based on proximity and price, the customer is at the center of every decision and we are participating in a digitalization process that affects every area and are always seeking agreements with third parties to offer new services.

The launch of La Plaza de Dia


New concept of proximity supermarket located in urban areas. With a modern image they offer a wide range of products for a complete purchase.


DIA acquires the supermarket chain “El Árbol” in Spain


DIA acquired the supermarket chain “El Árbol” by the middle of this year, adding to the group more than 400 new supermarkets and 30 Cash & Carry in the Spanish market. This operation consolidated DIA commitment for this type of neighbourhood format and contributed to the development of fresh product supply.

DIA sold its stores in France.


DIA reached an agreement with Carrefour Group for the sale of its entire business in France for 600 million euros.


Initiation of online commerce in Spain


From Madrid and extending throughout the rest of the country, DIA is bringing online commerce to every home and offering a large assortment of products with the best price-to-cost ratio.

Closing of the Schlecker purchase


DIA closes the purchase of the Schlecker chain specializes in household and beauty products. The Schlecker’s acquisition in Spain and Portugal reinforces the DIA’s proximity concept.


Launch of DIA Fresh


DIA reinforces its neighbourhood supermarket offering with the launch of DIA Fresh in Spain, a format specialising in perishables.

DIA's IPO on the Madrid Stock Exchange


July 2011 marked one of the company’s biggest ever milestones: the IPO. As soon as Carrefour’s shareholders approved the definitive demerger of DIA, the Spanish company began to write the opening lines of what is already a success story. DIA listed its shares on the Madrid stock exchange on 5 July 2011 at €3.50 apiece.

Agreement between Carrefour Greece and Marinopoulos


In early 2010, Carrefour Greece and Marinopoulos announced their plans to rebrand DIA’s network of stores in Greece under the group’s trademarks in this Mediterranean country: Carrefour Marinopoulos and Carrefour Express.

Overhaul of corporate image


Three decades of unwavering innovation in terms of formats and products had triggered the need to update DIA’s corporate image.

In 2008 the company unveiled its new look, designed to showcase the dynamism and ability to adapt that are its hallmarks.

Acquisition of supermarket chain PLUS


A fresh milestone in DIA’s growth strategy in Spain: the acquisition of the Plus Supermarket chain.

The acquisition of this supermarket chain, with a significant footprint in Spain, added 251 stores with a floor area of 170,000m2 and 2,713 employees to the Group’s Spanish business.  

Business expansion via new formats


The constant search for ways to better deliver and adapt to shoppers’ needs prompted the company to innovate and redesign its store format, conceiving and adding new formats: DIA Maxi and DIA Market.

First steps in the Chinese market


Opening of DIA’s debut store in China, making the first step in the Group’s expansion into the Asian market.

Initial expectations were amply surpassed. Today, Chinese shoppers enjoy the benefits of shopping with DIA in its almost 400 stores in mainland China.

Inauguration of first DIA store in Brazil


DIA opened its first store in Brazil in 2001.

That same year, DIA added loose fruit and vegetables, chicken and meat to its product range in Spain.

France’s ED stores added to network


The integration of the DIA Group’s business within that of the Carrefour Group opened the company’s doors to the French market via the integration of the ED chain within its store network. This operation gave DIA an immediate and significant presence in France.

Merger with Carrefour


A major cross-border M&A deal: the DIA Group merged into the international arm of the Carrefour Group, Europe’s largest and the world’s second largest retail group..


First foray into the Turkish market


In 1999, DIA landed in Turkey, a country notable for linking Asia and Europe. Today, Turkish shoppers can enjoy DIA’s hallmark quality and prices in the company’s close to 900 supermarkets, furnished from three state-of-the-art logistics platforms.

Debut of DIA’s loyalty club


With this innovative formula, DIA’s customers were given the chance to get discounts and lower prices immediately, from their very first purchase. This initiative was strongly welcomed by the Group’s shoppers, thanks in part to the provision of exclusive benefits in addition to discount coupons.


More international success stories: Argentina


Having notched up successive international expansion victories in Europe, the company set its sights on the Americas, opening its first store in Argentina. DIA received a warm welcome in Argentina, going on to open more than 100 stores in two years, a figure it would double again a year later.

Greece added to the list of new markets


DIA arrives in Greece, where the company did business until 2010 through over 400 stores, supplied by two state-of-the art logistics platforms.

Portugal the destination for the first DIA store outside Spain


DIA embarked on its international expansion by opening its first stores in Portugal, where it operates under the Minipreço trademark.

That same year, DIA introduced a novel concept, offering an alternative to its traditional stores: its larger parking format.

Initial expansion of the brand on Spanish soil


DIA acquired Spanish supermarket chain Dirsa in 1990. Shortly after, it would acquire the Mercadopopular and Ahorro Diario chains, in 1991 and 1992, respectively, shaping DIA as a nationwide player with over 1,000 stores throughout Spain.

The franchise is added to the business model


With the inauguration of this new format, DIA began to offer individual entrepreneurs the chance to manage a brand which had already become entrenched, well-recognised and strongly positioned in the marketplace.

A corporate image is born


Creation of the company’s corporate image, with the first DIA-branded product arriving on the shelves in parallel: a fabric softener ‘packaged’ in the traditional white bottle with an all-white design which features, for the first time, the red DIA banner, which continues to set our packaging apart today.

DIA’s first store, Madrid


DIA opened its first store on Valderrodrigo Street in Madrid’s Saconia district. The Group’s store was a market move in Spain, the first in its class, introducing the discount store model into the Spanish food retail market.

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