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The franchise is a strategic pillar of growth for DIA Group and one of the cornerstones of its business model, enabling consistent expansion of its brands and value generation in all the countries in which the company operates. DIA Group opened its first franchise store in 1982 and since then, expansion of this business model has been spectacular in all the countries where it is present.

DIA Group currently has 3,785 franchises in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. Thanks to a sound, proven-successful, model, it has become the leading franchiser in Spain, second in Europe in the distribution sector (Source: Franchise Direct), and third in terms of revenues in Brazil. In Argentina, where 70% of the stores are franchises, it is now the largest franchiser in the region.


The success of its franchising model lies in the close relationship that the company develops with the entrepreneurs from the outset. On the one hand, DIA offers its knowledge of the sector's past, the strength of its brand and its considerable logistics infrastructure, while on the other, the franchiser contributes a passion for business and knowledge about the local market, which is essential for the development of the proximity model. Therefore, this is a professional relationship built on trust that not only generates benefits for the parties involved, but also adds value and wealth to the area where the franchise operates.

In this regard, DIA franchises generated 25,000 jobs in 2017 across the four countries where it is present.

The success of the DIA franchise lies in the close relationship based on trust that the company develops with the entrepreneurs. In order to create these ties, it is essential to work on two-way communication so that the franchisers feel that they are an important part of the company, and vice versa.

Strategic partners: the spearhead into new marketss

To supplement the growth of its ordinary franchise model, DIA Group also takes advantage of major strategic agreements with local entrepreneurs to grant them exclusive rights over the use of the trademark in certain countries and regions. Through these alliances, the company ensures rapid growth of its network of stores over extensive geographic areas and across highly diverse consumer profiles.

Such agreements have introduced DIA to a new country, Paraguay, where an alliance has been entered into with one of the leading local mass consumption distributors. Similar agreements have also been signed in Brazil and Argentina.

Furthermore, DIA Group has trademark assignment agreements in place with local partners in Africa and the Middle East under the City DIA format for countries such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea (Conakry) and Ghana.

Digitalization of the franchise

With the aim of improving and streamlining processes with franchisers, DIA Group has developed a series of digital tools, in addition to existing management processes, that make store management much simpler, thus increasing profitability. Examples of this include a store management app, the catalog sales system at the establishment, a logistics management tool, a webcast service for franchisers and DIA staff to keep in touch, and the e-learning platforms.

DIA’s recognition of its franchisers

For four years now, DIA has been acknowledging the work of its franchisers through awards. This recognition is linked to the company’s values: Customers, Effectiveness, Team, Initiative and Respect.

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