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The Company has a network of more than 4,500 suppliers around the world, who are essential in transferring to customers our proposal of the best quality at the best price. The Company’s international nature, its omni-channel concept and constant development in highly varied market types offers these suppliers, who are mostly local, new business opportunities.

Argentina 494 98.6
Brazil 919 99.8
Spain 1,711 94.41
Portugal 800 81.62

In recent years, DIA Group has driven and promoted a strategy of domestic and international alliances with different operators in the sector in order to create a positive impact on the business outlook of its suppliers while also establishing potential synergies and shared projects.

Local value

Since the Company’s business model is based mainly on proximity, most of DIA’s suppliers are locally-based, affording immediacy and swift adaptation to the specific needs of consumers, which vary greatly depending on the different markets.

In 2017, the Company purchased a total of EUR 4.2 billion in manufacturer's brands from suppliers in Spain.

Relationships built on trust and transparency

The Company bases its relationships with suppliers on trust, transparency and longevity in its commercial ties. In addition, it offers them a series of tools that bolster this concept, such as the channel for ethical queries by suppliers, which focuses on solving possible conflicts or breaches related to the Code of Ethics by the parties. This consultation channel is managed directly by DIA’s ethics committee.

In line with this commitment, all the contracts between DIA and its suppliers contain a clause indicating that the Company has signed the United Nations Global Compact.

Strategic alliances that lead to better prices for customers

Over the last few years, DIA Group has entered into certain strategic alliances with other operators in the sector, aimed at achieving greater efficiency in all its processes in order to continually improve its offer to customers.  

Agreement with Casino for negotiation and sales services

In late 2015, DIA Group and the French distributor Casino set up a new company based in Switzerland by the name of ICDC Services, which seeks to improve the competitiveness of the two companies in relation to major international suppliers. The agreement includes both manufacturer’s brands and own brands.

This alliance was expanded in 2017 through the creation of another joint venture, CD Supply Innovation S.L., based in Madrid. Each company owns an equal share of this new company, which manages certain financial and logistics services such as payments and procurement.

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