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DIA Group believes that digital transformation is a key element in approaching and understanding customers and is yet one more step forward in improving efficiency. The capacity to transform data into information and information into knowledge is enabling the company to optimize all its decision-making processes at every level, thus streamlining systems in stores and warehouses, as well as developing new sales channels that further its proximity shopping strategy.

In this regard, DIA Group bases its strategy on three lines of activity.

Online business: Progressing toward the omni-channel experience

DIA Group is currently developing an omni-channel strategy to adapt to the purchasing patterns of inter-connected customers who seek immediacy and expect a pleasant shopping experience across different channels and devices.

DIA.es: The online grocery shopping business

To date, Spain is the only country in the group with online grocery shopping. It has been operating since 2013, when it began with just a few zip codes in the city of Madrid. It currently receives 14 million visits per year across its different platforms.

The DIA online shop, which includes an assortment of more than 4,000 items, has now become the most economical establishment in the company thanks to its competitive fees and discounts.

In 2017, the company earned EUR 58 million in revenue from its online business, holding a 10% market share. Sales are forecast to reach EUR 120 million by 2020.

Clarel.es and DIA e-shopping: the non-food section

DIA Group also has other online sales platforms specializing in selling non-food products. This is the case of Clarel.es, the company’s website format that specializes in household, hygiene, beauty and health products. The entire range offered by this label is currently available throughout Spain, dispatched from a single warehouse located in a town called Almunia de Doña Godina in the province of Zaragoza.

In addition, the company has the DIA e-shopping sales platform which hosts the flash sale website, Oportunidades.dia.es, featuring more than 1,000 different products related to electronics, housewares, beauty and technology.

Process digitalization

With the aim of implementing the latest applications and digital tools for streamlining processes, the company has a team in each country that networks to foster knowledge and create synergies between markets, always based on the premise that the codes in the applications are reusable and can be applied in all the countries.

Los proyectos y servicios para los empleados y franquiciados están enfocados principalmente al acercamiento y conocimiento del cliente con nuevas funcionalidades en materia de ecommerce.

The projects and services for employees and franchisers focus mainly on approaching and understanding customers using new e-commerce functionalities.

Furthermore, DIA Group is developing an ambitious project aimed at re-engineering and digitalizing the main processes involving sales at the company. Numerous benefits are being reaped as a result of this project, such as process optimization and standardization, full digitalization of information, data traceability and a drop in the time to market by streamlining process execution.

Likewise, DIA has a project underway, entitled “Proyecto Vela”, aimed at the digitalization of the POSs at establishments in Spain.

Agreements with third parties

DIA Group has signed a number of agreements with leading companies in the technology sector and the digital field in an effort to include new services, as of yet unheard-of in the distribution sector, at stores.

Close collaboration with Amazon since 2015 has resulted in the online shop for the La Plaza de DIA format on the Amazon Prime Now platform. This virtual store offers customers in Madrid and Barcelona a total of 5,300 items that can be delivered to them in one hour under premium service or in two-hour delivery time slots.

In addition, Bonté own-brand products, specializing in hygiene and cosmetics, have also been available on Amazon for customers in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France since 2017.

Direct payment by mobile phone using the Samsung Pay app at more than 2,200 branch stores.

Agreement with ING for cash withdrawals at the checkout counter. Via the Twyp Cash mobile app, users can request to withdraw a minimum of 20 Euro and a maximum of 150 Euro via their mobile phone at the checkout counter of any of the DIA Group's different formats, provided that the transaction is always linked to a purchase.

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