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DIA Market and DIA Maxi are two of the most popular and widespread formats within the DIA Group retail network. There are more than 3,000 stores throughout Spain under these two business models, more than 2,000 of which are franchises. Both stores offer a wide range of services such as home delivery and online shopping through the www.dia.es website.

DIA Market

This is a proximity-based model that aims to stay as close to customers as possible with an extensive assortment of products and excellent value for money. The DIA Market stores have an average area of 400 to 700 square meters and are highly adaptable to the specific needs of local demand. This is the perfect place for everyday shopping.

This is the most widespread format in our entire retail network and it is constantly being renewed and adapted to customers’ needs. DIA Market stores recently changed their image in order to enhance the customer shopping experience by offering a wide range of services and an assortment in line with daily shopping needs. Red is the predominant color for exteriors, with glass façades that allow natural light in to brighten the interior. In addition, all the stores have a LED screen that displays daily specials and information about the establishment.

The store interior is divided into environments, with special emphasis being placed on fresh products such as fruits and vegetables.

There is also an exclusive area for all the sale products at the store and a bakery offering freshly-baked goods.

DIA Maxi

These stores are also based on the proximity model but, unlike DIA Market stores, they are usually located on the outskirts of cities. The store's area may reach up to 1,000 square meters and customer parking may also be offered. At DIA Maxi, consumers can find a wide variety of products, with some 3,500 own-brand and domestic brand items at their disposal. The exclusive Delicious gourmet brand stand, for example, is one of the highlights. Furthermore, other services have been added, such as rotisserie chicken, and the fruits and vegetables sections have been expanded.

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