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DIA Group actively works to further the economic progress and generation of value in all the communities where it operates, generating trust for customers and its other stakeholders through a high quality food product range at the best prices on the market. Efficient resource management, combined with an unwavering commitment to profitable, sustainable, growth takes place through a system that is integrated at every level of the group aligned with:

The Company bases these three lines of action on a General Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that was approved by the Board of Directors and has been adapted to include the recommendations for Good Governance by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission. DIA Group’s General CSR Policy represents the corporate level framework of reference in response to DIA’s commitments in the following areas:

  • Responsible management.
  • A commitment to the people and groups with which it relates.
  • The franchises. Offering franchisers the right knowledge and tools to efficiently manage their business.
  • Quality and price.
  • Protection of the environment.

Implementation of DIA Group’s General CSR Policy revolves around twelve basic principles that uphold the Group's proposal of profitable growth and reflect its commitment to the social and natural environment. The full contents of the DIA Group CSR Policy can be found under the link below.

The full contents of the DIA Group CSR Policy can be found under the link below.

These principles are integrated into the Group’s management systems and its rules of conduct, which enable DIA to schedule, monitor and improve its actions, thus fulfilling the expectations of its stakeholders.

CSR Master Plan

DIA Group has implemented a CSR Master Plan 2017-2019, which was approved by the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors and constitutes a roadmap on this issue, aligning the company’s actions with its policies parallel to the CSR policy.

Through this plan, DIA Group manages its stance toward the expectations of stakeholders and engages the organization in a shared view of CSR that is aligned across all the countries in which it operates. In addition, this plan fosters the enhancement of the company's management of CSR issues and implements the balanced scorecard for monitoring and assessment of corporate policies.

The targets to be reached by 2019 include:

  • Environment: Enhanced efficiency of the company's resources to lower its impact on the environment and improve cost savings.
  • Corporate Governance: To report all relevant information from a sustainability and CSR perspective at DIA to its shareholders, investors and/or non-financial information analysts.
  • Social Responsibility: Establishing control points in relation to the respect for human rights in the upstream and downstream links of our supply chain.
  • Human Resources: To ensure principles of equality within the Company.

DIA Group Memberships and Collaborations

The Company is committed to following the most important international and domestic standards in this subject matter. In March 2012, DIA joined the UN Global Compact, which aims to achieve a voluntary commitment to Social Responsibility by participating entities through the implementation of the Ten Principles set forth in the Compact, based on the respect for human rights, labor rights and environmental principles, as well as the fight against corruption.

Furthermore, DIA Group cooperates with numerous non-governmental organizations on matters related to childhood and nutrition, in addition to carrying out social activities through sponsorship of the Spanish Basketball Federation and its collaboration with Universo Mujer.

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