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DIA CorporateBrands and quality

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DIA Group has a well-stocked portfolio of its own brands, numbering more than 7,000 items and representing an important distinguishing feature of its product range. The success of this range is the excellent value for money, which is based on a policy of cost efficiency and comprehensive control over the manufacturing and distribution processes.

DIA’s own brands are present in all the countries in which the Group operates, and they represent a high percentage of total sales across the board.

Description of the brands


This is the Group’s traditional brand. With more than 30 years on the market and over 4,400 items, it encompasses all the mass consumption product categories.


Specialized in hygiene and personal care products. This line currently has 660 items and has led the most important development of brand growth in recent years.


This is Premium label with the highest added value for the Group. It includes more than 250 items.

Basic Cosmetics

The own-brand make-up and decorative cosmetics line. More than 550 items at present.

BabySmile y JuniorSmile

For baby and child care products, with more than 230 items.


Specialized in pet care and pet food. It has more than 160 articles.


The latest own brand developed by DIA Group, focused on products related to a health, balanced diet.

Quality, our main commitment

DIA Group employs a team of 267 individuals in charge of ensuring that the products sold at its more than 7,000 establishments are excellent quality. In this regard, the Company has a Food Safety and Quality Policy, in place, which is available and on view and establishes the general principles that govern the Company’s activities in this field.

DIA Group's strategy for ensuring customers safe, high quality products is based on a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001:2008. The system covers everything from the selection and approval of suppliers, technical definition of products and assessment of proposals by consumers through blind testing (at the product development stage) to analytical control once the goods start to be distributed to warehouses and the network of stores (internal and external control plan).

100% of our suppliers of own-brand articles are audited and 60% of them hold IFS and BRC certification. Furthermore, as a pre-requisite for inclusion in the own-brand assortment, each product must undergo and successfully pass a consumer taste test in order to assess their perception of the organoleptic characteristics of the product being developed.

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