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DIA CorporateLogistic platforms

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DIA has 38 logistics platforms across its five operating markets which occupy more than 760,000m2 and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. DIA is committed to continually enhancing its logistics chain. This effort starts with the supplier, with whom DIA maintains transparent business relations, and ends with the customer, the be-all and end-all of the business.

DIA’s unique logistics IT system has been implemented in all its operating markets. Within this system, each tool and every phase of the logistics process is conceived of as a function of the next link in the chain, from supplier to store. It can be optimally customised thanks to the fact that the software is developed in-house.

Unlike other sector players, all the IT systems and software used in the logistics area are designed and developed in-house, enabling swift customisation in response to shifting market demands and configuration to maximise cost-effectiveness in the neighbourhood shopping model being spearheaded by DIA.

No. of warehouses and logistics floor space by country

Spain 23 440,070
Portugal 3 76,350
Argentina 5 97,844
Brazil 6 131,832
China 1 18,430

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