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The 48% of DIA's store network operates under the franchise regime, i.e., near of 4,000 stores across the company's five operating markets.The franchise regime is pivotal to DIA’s identity.

DIA is Spain’s largest franchisor and the number three franchise player in the European food sector.*

The flexibility of the franchise model and the proximity of the franchisee to the end customer facilitate personal service and reinforce the supply of quality products at unbeatable prices, thereby creating the optimal sales model.

To open a DIA franchise is to reinforce the country’s business landscape and give enterprising men and women the chance to manage their own business. Through its franchised operations, DIA generates 25.000 indirect jobs.

The size of an upfront franchise investment varies by country, but what does not vary is DIA’s unwavering strategic commitment to this business formula.

The company has a well-entrenched comprehensive system for monitoring its franchisees that is designed to facilitate two-way communication and engage its franchisees as stakeholders in the company’s everyday operations and to make them aware of their crucial importance to its business development.

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No. of franchised and total stores by country

2015  2016
  Franchises TOTAL franchises TOTAL
Spain and portugal 2,214 5,562 2,403 5,498
    Spain 1,954 4,718 2,147 4,875
    Portugal 260 621 256 623
emerging markets 1,483 2,156 1,566 2,301
    Argentina 584 846 576 872
    Brazil 621 929 671 1,050
    China 278 381 319 379
TOTAL DIA STORES 3,697 7,718 3,969 7,799

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