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Cornerstones of DIA’s strategy

1. Leadership in the neighbourhood segment

DIA boasts a unique business model that has translated into unrivalled specialisation in the neighbourhood segment. This model implies the ability to cater to each shopper’s everyday grocery requirements without having to travel far, saving money and time for our shoppers in the process. Underpinned by the tenets of sustainable mobility and integration in city-scaping, DIA’s sales model makes life easier and is more environmentally-friendly, while helping to preserve existing urban cohesion and the dynamism of the broader parallel retail trade.

2. Leadership on price

DIA is boosting shoppers’ purchasing power by offering quality at the best price. These prices are the result of efficient overall business management. Quality food that everyone can afford is a priority for the company.

3. Leading franchise

DIA’s track record in the design of an unrivalled business blueprint is transferable to a network of franchises managed by enterprising men and women who run their own businesses under the umbrella of the DIA trademark. The flexibility of the franchise model and the proximity of the franchisee to the end customer facilitate the provision of personal service and reinforce the supply of quality products at the lowest prices, nourishing the best neighbourhood model in the marketplace.

4. Innovation and knowledge sharing

DIA’s management model is unique. The company has acquired and developed internally the know-how that gives DIA its distinct positioning. This experience informs all the links in the chain from inside the company to beyond its confines, acting as a knowledge conveyor belt.

5. Efficiency

There can be no responsability without efficiency. Continual process fine-tuning, innovation and the constant search for excellence are part of DIA’s DNA. This efficiency guarantees the company’s sustainability.

6. Profitable growth

DIA has exhibited an unwavering commitment to profitable and sustainable growth by means of the efficient use of its resources since its origins, which date back to 1979.

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